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Do you ship/post to my country?

Yes! We ship and post worldwide :)

How do I pay for items?

Paypal, you pay to the paypal email address clickbuylove@gmail.com.  Paypal also gives you the option to pay via card, just click the paypal button and follow instructions.

How much is postage cost?

FREE SHIPPING to UK. England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

For worldwide: You only get one postage charge no matter how many products you order. Worldwide postage charge =  £9.99 (GBP) to post to anywhere worldwide.

So you're saying I could order 20 things and get them shipped to any worldwide country for only £9.99?

Yes! Only one postal charge per order so make sure you have all what you want in your basket before confirming purchase.

An item or size is out of stock?

We have new listed items all the time.  We do restock some items if we can.

How do I contact you?

Email us on clickbuylove@gmail.com